College of Applied Science, Calicut is an avant garde attempt in the arena of Electronics and Computer education in Malabar, initiated by the Institute of Human Resources Development (IHRD), an autonomous, scientific society established by the Govt. of Kerala. The college was established in the year 1993 and has become instrumental in new fangled waves by offering quality education with unrelenting precision and alacrity. This picturesque location shall linger nostalgically in the minds of anybody visiting this beautiful area. Endowed with an enchanting and breathtaking topography, lush green natural vegetation, virgin land, pollution free atmosphere, equitable temperature, plentiful of nectar like fresh water and salubrious climate, this is a sought after place for healthy life, clear thinking and pleasant learning pursuits. We are dedicated to preserve the eco-systems and live in harmony with nature. We have a team of well-qualified, dedicated and trained teachers and we follow the most innovative teaching-learning processes. Every talent and innovation is encouraged in the college in order to bring out the best in students. We are committed to provide the best learning experience for students.

Unique in its structure, methods and goals, the college is strongly rooted in a philosophy of training and research that emphasizes the intimate relationships between knowledge and its application and seeks to promote the creation of an ideal society.

{tab=Rules & Regulations}

Campus Rules and Regulation

1. All students shall wear the prescribed uniform for mandatory wearing inside thecampus.
A. Boys : Grey pants, Plain white shirts, Belt & Shoes.
B. Girls : Grey churidar, White long top, Grey shawl & shoes.
Jeans & T- Shirts are not allowed
2. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the campus, Students are advised to desistfrom the habit of smoking altogether as it is well known that it is injuries to health.
3. As a matter of general discipline , students are prohibited from loitering in the veranda and from sitting on the parapet wall.
4. Leaning against the wall with feet place on the wall is strictly prohibited. Students are requested to co-operate to maintain the college building and the campus clean and spotless. This is a collective responsibility for the students.
5. Late entry to the class rooms or lab /workshop will not be allotted.
6. While in campus, all students must be in possession of the identity card issued by the college and they must prominently it on their chest.
7. Direction from the college staff in respect of academic matters and general discipline must be strictly complied with by all students.
8. Leave of absence will be granted only on medical grounds. Such leave will be considered only for the purpose of granting condonation of shortage of attendance.
9. Duty leave will be granted only for the work /activity directly connected with the college and the students should take prior sanction for the same.
10. The declaration in the prescribed format regarding prohibition of ragging is enclosed.