Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Club or IEDC is one of the most active clubs in CAS Kozhikode. The main purpose of this club is to inspire students to learn more and enjoy learning. The club conducts various events for students of all courses. We believe in learning and sharing of the knowledge that we posses. IEDC has been an active club for the past few years and has been conducting various programs including workshops, seminars, IV’s, Mini Fest etc. We have also been participating in various events conducted at other colleges and giving students a chance to showcase their knowledge and talents. We provide a platform for students to grow and develop their skills. Its like family and we help everyone learn and grow so that when they leave college, they know something more and not just what is part of their academics. We also give ample importance to building up of a students courage and character and make sure that he/she will be ready to take up responsibilities on his/her shoulders. We have been influencing students from not only our club or college but other places too. We have tried to create a mark of our own by spreading enthusiasm and energy in every way possible. We encourage all students to be a part of this journey seeking knowledge and to share what they know with the rest of the world. To know more about our club, you may visit

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