• Computer Lab

    The College has 5 Computer Labs well planned consisting of more than 120 LAN enabled systems and other necessary accessories, peripherals, equipment. The labs have the latest hi-tech configuration of hardware and software and are equipped with Operating Systems like Windows and Linux and helps the students to brush up their computer skills.

    The College has excellent Labs both for Electronics and Computer Science oriented study. An unlimited 24/7 Broad band Connection with 12 Mbps speed and four 2 Kbps connections form the backbone of Internet connectivity.


  • Electronics Lab

    The Electronics lab provides the students a strong footing in the fields of Analog and Digital Circuit Design, Communication, Instrumentation and Control, Embedded systems, VLSI Technologies, Microwave Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Electronics and Microprocessors. Electronics Lab with sufficient numbers of Oscilloscope’s IC Trainer Kits, Function generators, Power supplies and all other equipment, instruments and all consumables required. Microprocessor Lab with sufficient numbers of 8085 & 8086 based Microprocessors Kits and various types of interfacing modules and other accessories. Electronics workshop with all sorts of equipment and instruments for the workshop practice of students. The labs are continuously updated every year.

    The programs offered here provide the students with a firm foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of electronics science. Teachers with industry and research experience are available at the training centre.


  • Applied Science

    If you enjoy the practical side of science, our degree gives you knowledge and skills across a wide range of disciplines within physics and chemistry.It provides a combination of core practical and workplace skills is ideal for people who want to use practical science in the workplace.


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